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Students in Ms. Snyder's class are teaching others the importance of sign language. Story by Timbertale Journalists Alicia and Hailey. 

Have you ever heard of the sign language club? Well, if you have not let me tell you about it! The sign language club started off with Rayne and Emma in Ms. Snyder's class. Their goal is to get more people to learn  A.S.L. (American Sign Language). They know the whole alphabet and numbers up to 20. They also know a couple foods and winter related things. Their goal is to have every class in the school have a sign language club. They also want an A.S.L. teacher just in case someone needs to learn more but they're deaf. They put together a video to teach others about A.S.L. Here is the link.  To protect student privacy, the video is only viewable by the HSSD school learning community.