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Timbertale journalist, Emalyn, interviewed Mrs. Sorenson and Mrs. Verdegan about the upcoming renovations at FG. 

BANG! BANG! Whoa! What was that? That is the sound that is going to be heard thousands of times in the spring, and summer of 2022. All because the community voted yes! Forest Glen is renovating for the first time! I got the opportunity to sit down with Mrs. Verdegan and Mrs. Sorenson to find out more about the renovations.

Renovations 101

We are going to have a lot of new renovations. In fact, when asked what is going to be renovated Mrs. Sorenson says “everything.” She and Mrs. Verdegan shared a long list of what’s to come. Among these, a new gym, renovated art room, world culture and music is switching, a different library, plus more solutionist studios, a new roof, new furniture, bigger cubbies, and a bigger kitchen and cafeteria! 

Decisions and visions

  Before any renovations there needed to be decisions and visions. The visions came from our very own teachers.  They had several meetings with the renovators where teachers shared their ideas.  One idea of Mrs. Verdegan’s was there should be a wall between the connected kindergarten and first grade classrooms because it gets too loud when two classrooms are connected. 

There are many mixed feelings about the renovations. Mrs. Sorenson says she is excited to see it when it is done, but also nervous about all the work ahead of the teachers. Mrs. Verdegan says she is excited for the renovations because there will be so many changes that will help Forest Glen grow learners! 

Lots to learn

Before the interview was done Mrs. Sorenson added a note I will never forget. She added, “I would say I learned a lot. I have also become more confident in making my decisions because we have a vision of what it’s going to look like and I know how to help make that happen.” That quote wrapped up our interview in a perfect way.

 The new renovations will be full of emotions, hard work, and lots of people to help. Get ready, it’s time for the Forest Glen renovations.