A Conversation with Mrs. Artel

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Mrs. Artel chats with Timbertale Journalists Bella and Eloise.

Mrs. Artel  came back to full time teaching because she wanted to be more active! She was hoping for a job at Forest Glen because she wanted to teach at the same school that her son attended. Mrs. Artel wanted to be the World Cultures teacher because she had worked with the other specials teachers when she substituted for Mrs. Matteo. She’s also really passionate about learning about different traditions and cultures.  Mrs. Artel also travels a lot so she likes learning about different countries and states. 

 Lastly Mrs. Artel  has Lupus. It’s an invisible disability. It can affect her brain, lungs, heart, and joints. Sometimes she can lose hair, weight, get rashes all over and sometimes get sick from just eating. She's also sensitive to the sun. One more thing is that it makes her tired. Thanks for taking the journey with us!